Saturday, November 12, 2016

The landscape hasn't changed... rather, ironically, The Sun has just come out.

While hate isn't new, neither is Love. 

A shadow merely covers whatever may lurk within it. We shouldn't be surprised when the light shines and we uncover something we don't like. At the same time we shouldn't forget that it was light itself that allowed us to see. We shouldn't be surprised and maybe we're not. Maybe we're just scared by the view before us; the landscape now lit up for all to see. Still, we can't forget.... it was light itself that allowed us to see. 

Words aren't really enough to articulate what we see and how it's made us feel, but perhaps we can start to understand, to a greater extent, what others already saw. We shouldn't let our eyes be focused on that which disheartens us... we should equally see that we are not alone. While the landscape is filled with suddenly vocal and confident obstacles, lets not ignore the wonders that still abound.

The light has always been there, trying to teach. It rises and falls on us all. There are no boundaries that can contain or restrict it. Boundaries are an invention of man-kind and we should not allow ourselves to believe, neither literally or metaphorically, in their credibility.

The light shines more as we evolve and unite closer together. While the light has uncovered a challenge that has made us doubt and mourn.... we must not forget, it was the light that allowed us to see.

Now we can see, we shouldn't be despondent. We shouldn't feel alone or hopeless. We should continue onward and upwards. Progress is the result of strength and unity. While it may be slowed by a challenger, it cannot be stopped. Experience makes us stronger, wiser and even more united. 

We must never forget that Time stops for no one. Time has no Master or agenda. Time bows to no single voice. Time powers forward regardless of the events it oversees. Whatever pain and hurt we feel in this moment, the next will surely follow. Time will not stop for us to embrace the peculiar comfort of our wounds. Instead this notion itself should comfort us. For time will also not befriend those who may seek to halt it. 

The landscape hasn't changed... rather, ironically, The Sun has just come out. What before was a mystery now holds no secrets. We've seen what's before us and will be all the stronger for it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Authenticity of Creativity

The authenticity of creativity seems to be found in the fluctuations of its creator's mind.

I would like to forward an argument for the quality of work from writers who second-guess the strength of their work fifteen times a day. Doubt may not be the most pleasant of drives but it is a form of motivation nonetheless. It is not without its pit falls however. 

Doubt without desire leads to submission. When a creator doubts themselves, it is really no more than an opportunity to test their determination. It's easy to concede but much harder to fight through the pull of this famous insecurity and relocate your confidence... but those that do... those that doubt themselves continually but find the drive to remember why they believe in their work, should never be doubted themselves. For it is in these people that we find the most heartfelt and detailed works. The silent self-defacing voice they hear simultaneously engages inspiration and originality in the most wonderful of ways. 

So if you're like me and resort too quickly to doubt... try and remember that it is both a curse and a GIFT! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Famously Unreal Readings – A Second Dose Of Alan Rickman

So there I am... trying to figure out ways to promote my first novel. How do I create some awareness? I’m pretty confident people will enjoy it… but how do I get it in front of them?

… and then I receive a message... not a heaven sent one... a rather more earth-bound communication. I look at my phone and it turns out to be a WhatsApp voice memo. As the message starts to play, the unmistakable tones of Alan Rickman make me chuckle. A particularly convincing impersonation… but unfortunately not the man himself!

The message was from a good friend (Benji (which is actually his last name… but that’s a whole different story)) who has quite the knack for impressions. He’d read a passage from one of the chapters and even added a “This is an Audible recording of The Carpenter’s Moons”. It was so impressive my wife and I even had a debate about how he’d managed to create the Audible sound element (turns out he’d also just put on a voice… I’ll avoid advising whether it was my wife or I that got that part right…) It made us both laugh and provided me a healthy dose of optimism.

That night I continued looking for ways to promote The Carpenter’s Moons while playing a decidedly one sided game of fetch with Phoenix (my two and half year-old German Shepherd). She loves her bouncy blue ball… so much so that she prefers to keep it to herself! While waiting for a rare opportunity to snatch the ball, my mind wandered back to Benji’s message and suddenly inspiration struck!

It occurred to me that people are probably far more likely to want to listen to a great impression than start reading a passage from a (currently) unknown writer. Fortunately, Benji is a great fella and was more than happy to assist… thus Famously Unreal Readings was born!

The first episode was received pretty well. Getting it in front of people still seemed to be a challenge but it did receive a number of strong responses from random people. With just a couple of passages and only a minute long it was however pretty short – Famously Unreal Readings: Alan Rickman - The Legend of The Dunes

The success of the first episode, combined with the fantastic willingness of Benjtheman to further assist led to a realization that Alan Rickman reading the Prologue would work as a great way to give both existing and new potential readers a nice insight into The Carpenter’s Moons.

 … and so we arrive. The 2nd episode of Famously Unreal Readings: Alan Rickman reads The Prologue from The Carpenter's Moons. You can watch the result here - Famously Unreal Readings 2: Alan Rickman reads The Prologue from The Carpenter's Moons

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the sublime stylings of @jamesbenjamin5

See you soon in The Wholeverse!